A Letter by PM LHL for the passing of Shimon Peres

28 September 2016

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I am saddened by the passing of former President of the State of Israel, Mr Shimon Peres.

Mr Peres was a visionary who worked tirelessly in the service of Israel and its people, long after retiring from politics.  I had the privilege of meeting him on several occasions, and benefitting from his experience and friendship.  Most recently, this April I called on him at the Peres Centre of Peace during my visit to Israel.  He received me graciously.  At his advanced age, he was still deeply concerned about how to bring peace to Israel and its neighbours.  His mind was sharply focussed on science and education, firmly believing that this was the way to foster greater understanding between peoples.

Mr Peres was a titan of his generation who has left a lasting legacy.  He has inspired younger generations to continue to work for peace and reconciliation not just in Israel and the Middle East but across the world.

Yours sincerely,