Sir Manasseh Meyer International School is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school from 18 Months to Grade 8 serving the entire spectrum of the Jewish and non-Jewish International Community of Singapore. We welcome children of all races, religions and Nationalities. There is mutual respect and cooperation between and among every affiliation of Judaism. We foster educational excellence through an international, interdisciplinary, integrated General Studies and Judaic curriculum. We are a research based school that applies the latest scientific findings to our instructional program. Our goal is to educate the next generation of leaders for our world and Jewish community. Our students are prepared to be citizens of the world, to love learning and to lead lives of moral and ethical excellence.


Adult classes

We have a weekly Torah classes at Chesed-El as well as various classes and events at the community center on waterloo street. Details are usually published in the news section or on the JWB website for their classes. 


Sunday School

  •  To read, understand and speak Hebrew (Aleph Champion Program)
  •  The meaning of Jewish customs and traditions and the joy of celebrations.
  •  Traditional Jewish prayers in Hebrew and English.
  •  The history of the Jewish people. “Living with the Torah”
  •  Israel as a state of land
  •  Looking for my Jewish Roots – Project of Grade 6
  •  Basic negotiation and debate – Grade 6 workshop

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