Farewell sermon

It is certainly not by coincidence 

that our Torah portion this week 

marks the beginning of Moses’ 

rather lengthy farewell sermon 

to people Israel and begins with 

the words:

“Re’eh Anochi notan lifnaychem hayom bracha uklalah”!

“Behold, I have set before all of you [the community of Israel] blessing and the opposite of blessings.”

From far, 

and I should say,

From very far,

I am not comparing myself with Moshe Rabeinu,

Furthermore, you should not worry, I will not hold my lengthiest sermon,

However it is indeed a farewell sermon dedicated to our 2 Junior Rabbi's Yehouda and Manou!

In the name of the Trustees,

In the name of our community 

And in my personal name leading this Synagogue, 

I would like to start and say:

I have set before you only blessings!

Prayer is one thing that makes a difference in everything,

Prayer is changing our lives for the better,

Prayers creates opportunity where doors used to be closed

If you only pray when you are in trouble,                                         You are already in trouble!

We were blessed with 

Yehouda during 3 years joining the services, the prayers,


Manou during the past year,

Helping us, helping me leading our prayers, 

Responding present and giving hands to help the growth of our community, the community of Chesed El!


Four weeks from now, Moshe Rabeinu's sermon will conclude in Parshat Nitzavim with the words 

“Re’eh natati lifanecha hayom et hachayim v’et hatov v’et hamavet v’et hara”, 

“Behold, I have set before each of you today life and prosperity, death and adversity.”

The Torah challenges each of us 

and all of us to choose life by 

choosing obedience to G-d in 

every aspect of our lives. 

The Torah reminds us here that 

as Jews, 

despite the fact that we 

acknowledge the existence of 

holy time and holy space, we do 

not see the service of G-d as 

limited to any one time or one 



Dear Yehouda, Dear Manou, 

Wherever you will go next,

Wherever you will be in future,

Space and time are not relevant,

Continue in the same path,         With the same motivation,          With the same enthusiasm,

We wish you success in all your undertakings 

And you will be always welcome to pay us a visit with your future wife's and children

Amen vechen Yehi Ratzon 

Shabbat Shalom


Best Regards

Jean-Pierre FETTMANN

+65 94604420